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What if data collection was easy, accurate, and intuitive?

While the expectations of customer experience have grown exponentially, the ability of organizations to change to meet the needs of customers and employees hasn’t kept pace. This is especially true when it comes to collecting data to service internal processes.

Our Smart Forms allow you to create engaging experiences that simplify every interaction with your customers while maintaining internal processes with increased accuracy, customer satisfaction and employee retention.

What is a Smart Form?

What is a Smart Form

A Smart Form is a dynamic digital interface which adapts to individual inputs to easy-to-understand questions, providing a seamless and intuitive way for people to provide, and organizations to collect, data. Organizations across the world are using Smart Forms as a more efficient, secure and accurate way to gather data for everything from credit card applications to insurance claims, to employee health benefits.

In the backend, smart forms efficiently transform the data and deliver it back to the organization in the desired format and location.

Reduce Complexity by
Optimizing Workflows

  • Smart Forms for Employees

    Improve Employee & Client Experiences

    By asking only the relevant questions and automatically building the correct outputs FormHero saves customers and employees valuable time and effort.

  • Smart Forms for IT Departments

    Reduce IT Effort to deliver projects

    FormHero provides a customizable platform to develop dynamic user interfaces that mirror your brand. This allows your IT team to focus on downstream integration of data and processes.

  • Smart Forms for Business Processes

    Eliminate errors & omissions

    By providing an experience that pre-populates data along with field-level validations, FormHero eliminates frequent errors and omissions. This reduces the effort of your staff and frustration of your customers.

By implementing FormHero’s solution we have saved countless hours of tedious work for our employees while providing a more enjoyable experience for our customers. It’s a win-win!
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What is important to us

  • FormHero is committed to helping organizations expediently solve challenging data collection problems.
  • We see our clients as partners and strive to empower organizations by providing transparency, best practices and security.
  • Our goal is to deliver the best data collection experience in the industry while protecting privacy and respecting ownership of data.
Smart Form Security


We take your security seriously. We adhere to the very best practices in the industry and will never persist your data.

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