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We provide Smart Form solutions to transform traditional paperwork and data collection into intuitive, accurate, and elegant experiences.
Ryan and Art

FormHero Story

FormHero was born out of the frustration of more than two decades of pushing back against the delivery of ineffective, outdated, and impersonal data collection projects across several large organizations and an unexpected inspiration after a personal loss.

After experiencing the sudden loss of a family member, FormHero's Founder & CEO, Ryan Kimber, experienced first-hand the burden, repetitiveness and complexity of completing the paperwork required to settle the affairs of a loved one.


Fortunately, Ryan worked with a service provider who did personal interviews with the family about the services and subscriptions used by the deceased and prepared a binder full of completed paperwork to close accounts, transfer services and more.

This non-invasive and human approach to paperwork had an indelible impact on Ryan. When reflecting on past IT projects he knew he could create a better user experience for all people completing any type of paperwork by viewing an intelligent conversation as the input, and paperwork (or data) as an output. That solution is FormHero.

Our mission

We provide smart form solutions to transform traditional paperwork and data collection into intuitive, accurate, and elegant experiences.

  • Problem

    Problem Solvers

    We believe in breaking down complex processes to make services accessible to everyone.

  • Customer


    We bring the voice of your customers and employees into your internal processes.

  • Enterprise


    We understand the unique challenges of large organizations and provide secure solutions.

Our Team

Ryan Kimber

Ryan Kimber

Founder & CEO

Ryan is responsible for FormHero's corporate strategy, roadmap and execution. His passion for solving seemingly large problems with innovative yet practical solutions was born from years of technical and executive leadership at leading financial and government institutions.

Ryan lives in Oakville with his wife, two young children and dog.

Art Harrison

Art Harrison

Cofounder & Chief Growth Officer

Art is responsible for FormHero's overall client growth, service delivery & global partnerships. He brings a passion for connecting business challenges with practical and delightful technology solutions.

Art lives in Toronto with with wife and two young children.

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