Ryan Kimber

To our current and prospective clients & partners,

We founded FormHero with an understanding that large organizations need to protect their customer data and ensure compliance with internal policies and procedures. In an increasingly complex world, security has never been more important.

To that end, we believe that you should own and control your own data. Your data should reside with your organization, on servers you control. Your servers may be managed on AWS, Azure, GCE, or, most likely, in your own data-centre. You’ve got enough to worry about in securing your own datastores without having to worry about 3rd-party vendors and partners.

FormHero promises to maintain and enforce compliance with best practices and industry standards to ensure security throughout our platform and across our organization. While we are SOC2 and PCI-compliant, and use best-of-breed tools, we also know the best way for an organization to protect its data is to limit the number of places that data lives.

We intentionally designed our product to make sure we don’t keep your data resident on our servers. Instead, FormHero operates primarily as a stateless service: Whenever a FormHero Smart Form is submitted, FormHero keeps that data only for as long as it takes to process your user’s request before we deliver the data to your organization for further processing or storage.

Our commitment to you regarding your data and security will never waiver.


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Ryan Kimber

Founder & CEO