Smart Forms and Government Paperwork

Easy-to-use for even the most complicated processes.

FormHero helps Government entities and organizations rapidly improve existing processes by transforming paperwork into simple, accurate Smart Forms. Improve access to core services while eliminating errors by automatically guiding users through the steps to complete applications and completing the paperwork for them.


An Arm’s Length Entity


Dynamic questions, PDF generation, auto-completion & address validation, French, English, Spanish & Chinese language support, mobile ready


By consolidating PDF-heavy processes into single, automated, multi-language Smart Forms, FormHero is helping connect citizens with the services they need without the need for massive organizational change.

Filling and submitting all of the documentation required for a government process can be troublesome in any circumstance. Doing so during so with a language barrier or accessibility need only makes the experience worse.

FormHero worked with an arm’s length entity to digitize their catalog of existing PDFs into Smart Forms that simplify the process of engaging with core services. By offering citizens the ability to self navigate and complete the process, in the language of their choosing, the organization was able to eliminate over 75% of the errors typically seen upon submission; including incomplete information and incorrect documents. Best of all, the project was live and accessible to website visitors 3x faster then the most aggressive internal estimate.

Passport Smart Form
The FormHero team is amazing at eliciting the required information from stakeholders and delivering solutions that exceed our initial expectations
Grace Kuo - Project Manager

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