How Smart Forms Help Insurance

Your customers want attention, not paperwork.

In an industry where margins and thin and profitability is tracked down to the cents on every dollar, eliminating errors and reducing the time to complete paperwork can make the difference between being in the red or the black. Smart Form help bring a unified, customer-focused approach to data collection while maintaining your back-office and regulatory requirements.


A national Insurance carrier


Dynamic questions, mobile/omni-channel design, email integration, auto-completion, address validation, PDF generation, audit and reconciliation, multi-lingual support (internationalization), e-Signature.


By helping to digitize the claims reporting forms into mobile-ready, customer facing experience, FormHero is helping save over $2.5M annually in rental/storage fees that were previously paid out while waiting for the completion and in-person / in-mail delivery of signed documents.

Reporting a first notice of loss (FNOL) or finalizing a Total Loss claim can be a stressful event for your customers. Doing so with internal/paper-based documentation, that must be printed, completed, signed and returned -- all before your claim is resolved -- only makes things worse.

FormHero worked with a leading Insurance carrier to ensure their customers had the smoothest and easiest path to resolving their claims. The result was a Smart Form that prompted customers to answer simple question about their claim, from any device. Once complete, the correct forms were generated and presented to customer for digital signing and then instantly returned to the carrier to close out the claim. The result was a process that typically took over 5 business days to complete being reduced to hours.

Claims Smart Form
By far the easiest integration I've ever seen! We were up and running with not only the new forms, but with live customer data, in a fraction of the time I was expecting.
VP, Claims Transformation

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